Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Lip Enhancement Kit

Lip Plumping Technology To Make Your Lips Fuller And Sexier, Instantly.
No injections, no pain, no nonsense tingling cream.

Most beauty experts agree that plump lips are the most important feature for a young and attractive look. CosmeSearch, Inc, a leader in innovative beauty products, has invented a new lip plumping and enhancing system. Here is how it works: Micro Collagen Plumping Balm will penetrate and hydrate the lips. The Plumping Device gently activates molecules, dramatically increases lip size by plumping up lips naturally. Fuller lips don't have to cost a fortune."

I don't know about you but that bulb looks kinda scary...Now you, too, can purchase a suction cup for your mouth to enhance your lips and give that Angelina Jolie look. Something, I know EVERY woman strives for! Good Lord!


  1. Just another gimmic in my their opinion, something for people to buy who can not afford the cosmetic surgery but want the same results and will probably not get them. I personally do not have the desire for my lips to look as if I was stung by a bee. Now, that is just me.

  2. Ok, maybe being male I don't get it. What's the motivation for having 'plump lips'? I don't know too many people that enjoy the swelling that comes with being stung by a bee. I think it's a woman thing...:-)


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