Saturday, March 28, 2009

Duster Slippers for Cats

For feline assistance with tedious housework.

"Now the most boring job around the house becomes hours of fun. Not for you, but for your cat! With these dust-dislodging foot socks, cats can play their part in easing the pressure of domestic chores.

Lazy cats are of course much less productive than exitible ones, but this problem may be overcome if you introduce a dog into the house.

So, that is the purpose of cats. LOL!!! Just Kidding!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spray on Instant Nylons

Get the great look of nylons without the hassle, discomfort and runs of nylons. Nyce Legs Spray On Nylons is easy to apply and won't streak. Nyce Legs doesn't rub off - rain, perspiration, pool water, surf; even bed sheets won't take it away. Remove with soap and water. Nyce Legs hides spider veins, scars and blemishes. Perfect for every occasion and wardrobe. You won't believe your eyes or how great your legs will look and feel! Comes in 3 great colors! Light, medium, and dark beige. Check out the GREAT Benefits - No More Unsightly Runs - No More Elephant Knees Or Ankles (something we all worry about). No More Discomfort In The Summer.

I am hard pressed to believe that this washes of with just soap and water....YIKES!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Takes a lickin', keeps cone from drippin'

Motorized Ice Cream Cone

"Takes a lickin', keeps cone from drippin'."

"If you have a couple AA batteries to stick in this thing you'll never have to turn an ice cream cone again. Comes complete with a detachable rotating dish that you fill with your favorite flavor for a no-mess treat. Push the button, stick out your tongue and amaze your friends with the fact that you actually do have every toy available. By the way, there's no extra charge for the holstein pattern, and if you're on a low carb diet, don't worry. With this, there is no cone to eat, just ice cream."

A gotta have???? pfffffff.....Puleezzzze~