Monday, July 27, 2009

Finger Food Party Plates

The Ultimate Party Tool!

"How to balance your pig-in-a-blanket with your Dom Perignon... that is the question! Fortunately, we've got the answer... these charming little plates with rings that fit right on your finger. Now you can balance your glass and your hors d'ouevres, and look positively in control the whole time. Genius!"

Now this will be the hit of any party!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

For You Cat Lovers - KITTY WIGS

"Elton John, Burt Reynolds, Dolly Parton...the finest wigs money can buy. And they still look hideous.

So imagine what kind of hairpiece 50 bucks will get you. Something you wouldn't ask your dog to wear. Your cat, on the other hand...

Seems plenty of people are willing to trick out their felines in a $50 toupee.

Yes, wigs for cats. How do people come up with these things? The creator mentioned that her day job was causing her stress. So after work she'd unwind by turning on loud music, putting a wig on herself and her Siamese, Boone, and dancing around the room. In time, she decided to let the world in on their secret.

To join them, check out Each rug comes with a wig case and a hairnet to maintain luster and shape. There are instructions for "hair" care. And for that all-important pictorial, every Kitty Wig purchase includes suggested poses from professional photographers. For those days when the star is in no mood to pose, a handy mouse rattle is available. (This is for real folks.)

The creator warns that wigs should be worn under strict human supervision, in case your cat isn't as wild about its new look as you are. Wigs should be introduced slowly, to avoid "cat shock."

Among the most popular Kitty Wig creations are Pink Passion, Bashful Blonde and Electric Blue. Pink Passion transports your cat to the "land of cotton candy and pinwheels, where the air smells like sugar kisses."

Now this takes the cake!

Monday, July 20, 2009

HeadSpa Head Massager

Can you say Dork!
"No, this is not a helmet to block aliens from reading your mind. Although, it really does look like it. No, this is a strange electronic head massager. Yes, you too can pay only $53 for a massager for your head, since you clearly can’t just reach up and massage your head with your own fingers. You can pick up the stupid looking helmet from Amazon."

Monday, July 13, 2009

Tighten your Pores?

Ahhh...WHY?"Tired of trying various face masks in attempt to tighten your pores? Try this new Japanese bank robber face-mask. It has special sauna-like effect which seems to have real benefits for the skin. It tightens your pores and makes your skin look younger. And they are specially designed in pink color for the women. Men don't get disappointed as they are also available in grey."

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Lip Enhancement Kit

Lip Plumping Technology To Make Your Lips Fuller And Sexier, Instantly.
No injections, no pain, no nonsense tingling cream.

Most beauty experts agree that plump lips are the most important feature for a young and attractive look. CosmeSearch, Inc, a leader in innovative beauty products, has invented a new lip plumping and enhancing system. Here is how it works: Micro Collagen Plumping Balm will penetrate and hydrate the lips. The Plumping Device gently activates molecules, dramatically increases lip size by plumping up lips naturally. Fuller lips don't have to cost a fortune."

I don't know about you but that bulb looks kinda scary...Now you, too, can purchase a suction cup for your mouth to enhance your lips and give that Angelina Jolie look. Something, I know EVERY woman strives for! Good Lord!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Boxing Grannies

"Edna and Doris have upped their game. There was a time when just racing each other was enough to satisfy their competitive streaks, but no longer. Casting aside their Zimmers in favour of a pair of stout boxing gloves, this now world famous pair of noble and aged battlers is stepping into the ring.

All that lifting of tea cups and hefty biscuits has given them some great upper body strength, and the time has come for them to find out who's the top Granny. With an upper cut to strike terror into the hearts of any heavyweight (or paperweight at the very least), these Boxing Grannies will slog it out for victory. You control each Granny by pressing buttons on the base to power each arm, and if your Edna or Doris is hit in the right place, she will rock back on her feet, and your opponent scores a point.
It's a tough game, and these Grannies are not only up for the challenge, but can't wait to get at each other. This may well be the beginning of something big..."

Geeezzzz., just when you think you have seen it all... You gotta watch this video on this product.