Thursday, July 23, 2009

For You Cat Lovers - KITTY WIGS

"Elton John, Burt Reynolds, Dolly Parton...the finest wigs money can buy. And they still look hideous.

So imagine what kind of hairpiece 50 bucks will get you. Something you wouldn't ask your dog to wear. Your cat, on the other hand...

Seems plenty of people are willing to trick out their felines in a $50 toupee.

Yes, wigs for cats. How do people come up with these things? The creator mentioned that her day job was causing her stress. So after work she'd unwind by turning on loud music, putting a wig on herself and her Siamese, Boone, and dancing around the room. In time, she decided to let the world in on their secret.

To join them, check out Each rug comes with a wig case and a hairnet to maintain luster and shape. There are instructions for "hair" care. And for that all-important pictorial, every Kitty Wig purchase includes suggested poses from professional photographers. For those days when the star is in no mood to pose, a handy mouse rattle is available. (This is for real folks.)

The creator warns that wigs should be worn under strict human supervision, in case your cat isn't as wild about its new look as you are. Wigs should be introduced slowly, to avoid "cat shock."

Among the most popular Kitty Wig creations are Pink Passion, Bashful Blonde and Electric Blue. Pink Passion transports your cat to the "land of cotton candy and pinwheels, where the air smells like sugar kisses."

Now this takes the cake!


  1. Gotta get one for Cricket! Ha!

  2. That is hillarious!!! I have a friend who was recently diagnosed w/breast cancer and has been looking for someone to wear a wig with her (she has an odd sense of humor so she will enjoy this). I forwarded her the site - her kitty can have his own wig too!!!She will laugh for awhile over that and she definately needs to laugh!


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